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Dr. Lashaundon Perkins, Ed.D
Founder and CEO

Dr. Lashaundon Perkins is the Founder/CEO of Renovating Lives, Inc. She holds a BA in Psychology and BA in Criminal Justice, a MSA in General Administration, a MaEd (Master of Arts in Education), a Ed.S in Administration and Leadership and a Doctorate in Education. She is also a certified life coach and mentor. From personal development, spiritual development, or professional development, she has dedicated her life to advocating, mentoring, and educating individuals for over 20 years. Her background in education, mental health, community support, the special population community, criminal justice, and the faith-based community has afforded her the opportunity to be able to assist individuals with diverse backgrounds. Lashaundon wants to be able to help individuals build their foundation by providing them with tools that will enable them pursue their purpose in life. 

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