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Educational Opportunities/Training Sessions

To promote the training of individuals for the purpose of improving or developing his or her personal/workplace capabilities.

To create outreach educational programs for children with special needs, at-risk youth, and/or families within the community.

- Job Readiness

-Character Development

-Individualized Education Plan/IEP Process

-Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

-Parent Rights for children w/ disabilities


-Bridging the Literacy Gap 

-Reducing the School-to-Prison Pipeline


-Mental Health

-Parents w/o Partners

-Trauma vs. Traumatic Experience

Mentoring/Support Groups

To promote and support a high quality of life for those in need in the community through organizing, advocacy, resource development, and/or administering programs directly.

-Parents Supporting Parents of Wayne County

-Parenting w/ Love and Logic

-Raising Children w/ Special Needs

-Abuse (Sexual/Physical/Emotional)


-Mental Health

-Man UP


-I am a WOMAN

Conferences/Speaking Engagements

- Contact RL to book for speaking engagements

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